Starr Staining prides itself on its reputation and customer service, delivering you the best results for your wood preserving needs. We work closely with project managers and landscape architects in the Metroplex looking to deliver that “one of a kind” backyard oasis. Ranging from our signature cedar color tones to one of the 60 colors we have to offer, including a line of solid color stains, we make sure any color scheme is achievable.

We are not an “in and out company” giving you 3 choices. We specialize in custom work which sets us apart from the competition.
Our services include exterior wood sealing-staining and total restoration of the following:

• fences
• arbors
• cabanas
• garage doors
• patio covers
• shutters
• decks
• play sets
• wood columns

All work is guaranteed for 3 years
NOTE: Play sets and decks require a different stain than
the sealant that goes on your other wood structures.
Seal Masters considers itself to be true Artisans of the industry and we also build and construct custom wood structures including the following:
• cedar fences
• pergolas
• patio covers
• cabanas
Please visit our photo gallery to see some of our custom designs.
“DO IT YOURSELFERS” take a look at the cost comparison between you doing it yourself or having us do the job for you. Figures based on all materials being purchased at local home improvement stores with current pricing.

Figures based on sealing/staining a 150 foot long, 8 foot high, board on board fence

Starr Staining Do It Yourself
Gallons (Unlimited) Gallons – 15 $488.00
Industrial sprayer (Included) Sprayer rental $105.00
Unlimited tarps (Included) Cleanup $35.00
Warranty 3 Years Miscellaneous $15.00
Time: 3 hours Time:  2 weeks
Our Total: $640.00 DIY Total: $643.00


DIY, don’t do it yourself! spend more money and time with no guarantee of desired look, choose Starr Staining and save money!