What to expect:

Starr Staining¬†makes sure your home and your neighbors’ homes are totally protected from overspray. When choosing us, you can be assured that your swimming pool, pool equipment, patio furniture, and other outdoor amenities will be covered with the necessary tarps. In addition, landscaping in the path of overspray will be covered with burlap to prevent burning.

We don’t just tell you we do it. We actually do it!
We take the spraying process to the next level with our signature
“NO OVERSPRAY” guarantee.

Starr Staining understands the time, care, and money that goes into your lawn and landscape. We make sure to cover your grass along the edge of your fence assuring you that we stain your structure, NOT YOUR GRASS!


All new wood must cure for 2-5 weeks before applying sealant. This allows moisture content to dry to levels that allow the sealant to penetrate. Allowing wood to cure for more than 3 months is not recommended due to the nature of our weather.


All wood that has the grayish hue to it means it must be cleaned before applying sealant. Our Total Restoration process includes 3 steps that assure a properly prepped surface, allowing the sealant to penetrate the new wood fibers that have been opened.


Our sealant is a paraffinic oil based sealant with fungicides and midewcides designed specifically for harsh weather. This sealant is designed to endure ultra violet rays from the sun and repel water, preventing cracks and warping. We apply the sealant with no amount of gallons in mind because all wood must be saturated to assure maximum protection.